About the Ministry

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology supervises a number of national projects Such as, the ports and airports that connect the Sultanate with the world and contribute to diversifying the sources of income and achieve sustainable development in various economic, industrial, commercial, tourism and other fields.

These efforts are accompanied with the Ministry’s relentless strive to make the transport and logistics sectors in the Sultanate have a global reputation, to be the second source of national income and within the top ten in logistics performance at the international level by 2040.

at the local level, side by side with all these projects,The Ministry works to regulate land and sea transport industires by issuing the needed legislations. 

The Ministry is also the responsible body for formulating and implementing the government digital strategies and programs in the Sultanate of Oman. Its main mission is to raise the level of efficiency in government performance, support innovation in service delivery, and enhance spending and economic growth through the use of information and communication technology.

The directions and objectives set for Oman Vision 2040 indicate the importance of creating an agile, innovative government apparatus that can shape the future based on the principles of governance and accommodate future ambitions in order to reach advanced levels in the digital government. Accordingly, the Ministry has developed the National Program for Digital Economy 2021-2025 in cooperation with the relevant entities. The program consists of several executive programs, including the government digital transformation program, as one of the main executive programs to achieve the desired priorities. The Government Digital Transformation program includes in its implementation plan a large number of government entities representing all the main and supportive sectors to enable the government sector.

The Ministry seeks to enable the government sector to achieve outstanding innovative performance, provide smart services, proactive procedures, and a rewarding digital experience. The Government Digital Transformation Program includes a number of basic pillars that constitute the main components of digital transformation, such as smart services, proactive measures, innovative digital solutions and applications, and excellence in government performance along with adopting Open source data and e-community participation.

The Ministry, in cooperation with all relevant government and private entities, have identified a number of initiatives and projects to be implemented during the next phase, according to specific criteria, such as aligning with national directions, achieving the main objectives, influencing the financial, economic and competitive factors of the Sultanate and other criteria that support national strategies. The Government Digital Transformation Program also focuses on activating Shared centralized solutions and systems that ensure the enhancement of institutional readiness and its empowerment towards managing and planning resources in a flexible and consistent manner.

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