Roads are considered significant infrastructure elements that can be addressed as a development parameter for countries regarding economic, industrial, and service aspects. The benefits can be offered regarding the facilitation of individuals, goods, and raw materials transport and its role in achieving connected regions, governorates, cities, and towns. Mainly to be mentioned, its role in achieving economic growth and its contribution in achieving a flourished trade and economic activates. More contribution also like facilitation of traffic flow between urban areas as well distribution and productive areas. The road sector witnessed an apparent development over the last decades of the blessed renaissance. The Ministry of transport and communications ensured the designing, planning, and construction of a vast network of developed express roads. This venture aims to keep track of the civilization and economic development that the sultanate undergoes. From one side, connecting these networks with the neighboring countries from the other. These roads are constructed per the latest internationally approved technical specifications.

This section hgihlights the ongoing and completed roads projects in the Sultanate.