The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology is the main center responsible for drafting and implementing E-Government strategy in The Sultanate of Oman. Fundamentally, it seeks to facilitate and steer the apps of government E-services. To eventually bolster the capabilities of the public sector that leverages modern technology and digital based community. 


The Ministry's responsibilities includes the buildup of digital-centric human resources to empower a successful implementation of Government E-services. Hoping that this will lead to an increase in the citizens' role to utilize such digital services. Moreover, such services will help Government entities to implement its IT-centric projects successfully.

On the other hand, The Ministry pursue an approach to reduce government IT related expenditure by referencing to consultancy expertise in IT project phases. Henceforth, to fulfil that goal, the Ministry implements Strategic projects such as The Unified Oman Government network, Government E-Services portal, E-Transaction law, the official portal for government E-services, The National Training projects in IT and IS…etc.


The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology takes the role of Central Information Office (CIO) for Government E-Services. The Organizational Charter of the Ministry Consists of Directorates and specialized centers such as The Directorate General of Policies & Governance, The Directorate General of Infrastructure and Digital Platforms, The Directorate General of Sector stimulation and Future skills, The Directorate General of Digital transformation and Sectors empowerment, The National center for space and advance technology and AI  and Oman CERT.