32 entities participates in National Cybersecurity Drill

32 entities participates in National Cybersecurity Drill

October 20, 2020

The activities of the Sixth National Cybersecurity Drill, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology represented by the National CERT in cooperation with the Cyber Defense Center, with the participation of 32 government entities.

This year the national drill is organized virtually and aims to enhance cyber readiness to deal with cyber incidents that government entities are exposed to, through strengthening coordination and cooperation between the National CERT and government and private entities, in addition to law enforcement organizations. The national drill also aims to raise awareness of the mechanisms and procedures followed to deal with cyber risks and threats and to qualify national talents to deal with them.

Three scenarios simulating cyber threats were highlighted during the event. The first scenario focuses on malware and ways to deal with it, and the second scenario targets users through techniques for investigating Internet and e-mail attacks, while the third scenario addressed the digital analysis techniques for e-mail and records in the Windows operating system.

Eng. Badr bin Ali Al-Salhi, Director General of the National CERT, talked about the drill saying “The organization of this national drill complements the ministry’s efforts toward achieving Oman 2040 vision and aligning the ministry’s programs and projects within the Oman digital strategy with the vision. The drill focuses on the challenges of cybersecurity and the risks that various entities and infrastructure projects in the Sultanate may face, with the participation of 55 participants representing 32 entities, who will deal with 3 different scenarios of cybersecurity risks. The global statistics indicate an increase in the frequency of attacks, cybercrimes and the resulting losses which cost the global economy more than 6 trillion dollars annually by 2021, at a rate of 11 million dollars per minute. In contrast, statistics indicate that there is a shortage in human capabilities in the field of cybersecurity at the global level; therefore, this type of drills enhances national capacity building in the field of cybersecurity and this is what we aspire to."