Conclusion of the Oman Drone Competition enhanced with artificial intelligence

Conclusion of the Oman Drone Competition enhanced with artificial intelligence

February 13, 2024

The Oman Competition for drones enhanced with artificial intelligence concluded today, Tuesday, with the participation of 26 competitors from various universities and colleges in the Sultanate, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology in partnership with Sultan Qaboos University and with the support of the Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Ooredooman), OQ Company (OQ), Sohar Industrial Port Company, and the Omani Company. LNG, and Oman Horizon Compan

Winners* First place in the (remote control) course was won by Moamen bin Muhammad al-Busaidi, Hamzah bin Nasser al-Husseini took second place, and Abdulaziz bin Saud al-Jabri came in third place. In the artificial intelligence course, first place was won by Muhammad bin Abdul Hamid al-Hinai and Asaad bin Saeed Al-Hinai, and Yasser bin Khamis Al-Gharibi and Hamza bin Nasser Al-Husseini won second place.


On this occasion, Asaad Al-Hinai and Muhammad Al-Hinai, who won first place in the Artificial Intelligence course, expressed their happiness with their participation in the competition, and indicated that they learned the basics of drones, their components, and how to control them manually or automatically. They used the simulation program to experience flying aircraft abroad, and after the contestants were eliminated. They were qualified for a workshop on using artificial intelligence in drones, where they learned to track the paths of gas pipelines. They confirmed that the journey was full of knowledge, learning and continuous challenges, and that success lies in completing the mission until the end.


With regard to enhancing community awareness and empowering youth, Moamen bin Mohammed Al Busaidi, winner of first place in the remote control course, confirmed that the competition played an important role in enhancing interest in the field of drones and artificial intelligence among young people, and pointed out that it gave the participants the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities and learn new technologies, He also praised the support provided by the companies sponsoring the competition, which contributed to its success.


It is worth noting that the “Oman Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Drones” competition comes within the Makeen initiative to qualify youth and digital competencies.